Monday, June 7, 2010

Naked Pics Of Long Haired Gay Men

I live not to far from Woodstock, New York and finding a Hot Hippie Man to have sex with, isn't that difficult. As long as they don't take the All-Natural thing to far, like not bathing or using deodorant, I'd do them. Many of the younger ones don't know the Original Woodstock happened in Bethel, New York but we can let that go if their fuck-able. I found photos of the one guy Kaleb on the web, I might have to Marry him or just have a Dirty Lost Weekend, he better know how to treat a Lady.
Remember - I'm not a Whore, I'm Just Big Boned !!!


Jonathan said...

long hairs hot!!! on some. ; ) thanks for the pics.

Brit said...

You've got no idea how happy I am to see pictures like this; never can find enough :)

Anonymous said...

What is the full name of the model Kaleb?

dave formen said...

He has worked with YogaBear Studios, He just goes by Kaleb.