Thursday, July 16, 2009

Professional Boxers Weigh In And Naked Photos

Colin Clarke vintage boxer pics.

Hugo Hernan Garay the German boxer has gotten some press for his naked weigh-in, some writers said "give him a towel", no gay writers would say that though.
Juergen Braehmer & Hernan Garay
Ruslan Chagaev
Poli Diaz had his stint in straight porn, if more athletes got naked and did porn, the world would be a better place.
Rusal Nemet
Tony Danza during his fuck-worthy boxing days. You can never tell with short guys "how big their dick truly is".
Joe Calzaghe & Peter Manfredo
Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar is cute, sexy and a total pig. If he was any taller, I would marry him, he is just to pretty to be straight.
Michael Jennings & Miguel Cotto
Sergey Fedchenko & Diego Ponce

Arturo Gatti
Arturo was just killed by some crazy bitch, women just don't know what to do with a hot man.