Thursday, April 9, 2009

Evil Jared Hasselhoff Naked Again

I normally don't like my men to have muttonchops,but this guy might just be freaky enough for me. Evil Jared takes his clothes off on stage, on TV shows, and he'll show you his dick at the offer of a beer, and when his band mate in the BloodHound Gang did a lame-parody of a Depeche Mode song, he joyously unleashed a stream of piss all over him. In 2006 he moved to Neuk├Âlln, a borough of Berlin, Germany, because of massive resentment towards George W. Bush's politics. He said he won't return to the United States as long as Bush is in charge. Well Bush is out of office, so Jared should be back taking his clothing off for all the U.S. to see. Though he has claimed to be the cousin, nephew, and/or the illegitimate son of actor David Hasselhoff, of coarse none of that is true, because no one related to David Hasselhoff would admit to it.